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the past 2 weeks have been the start of something thrilling. a few pics from bleachers first tour so far -//—-

first live bleachers video I’ve found

Point & Light 10" out April 19th



Our friends at Nettwerk Music Group will be releasing the Point & Light 10” (aka the Aim & Ignite demos) on Record Store Day! The 2,000 copies will be pressed on rainbow splatter vinyl and come in a gatefold package. It’ll feature demos of the following tracks:

Side A:
At Least…

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sharp look

sharp look

via SPIN from 1st bleachers show ever this week

via SPIN from 1st bleachers show ever this week


'shadow' live & acoustic from alt nation. first time this song was ever played in any live capacity. ——— if you're feeling small I WILL LOVE YOUR SHADOW ———

dear fun fans re bleachers

hi everyone!

it’s jack. i’ve been getting a lot of questions about Bleachers and felt like all of you deserves to hear about it directly from me. first off, i can’t thank you all enough for the amazing support. you’re my fucking favorite.

there is no world in which I’ve ever thought about leaving fun. my new project is not about one thing taking over another, its about adding something new to the equation. sometimes you go months without any good ideas, and then sometimes you are flooded with things you need to create. i’m sure a lot of you can relate to that in the work that you do. while on tour the past 2 years with fun. i started recording an album. i didn’t know what it was at the beginning. it was just happening. i’d go to the studio on off days, work all night in my hotel room, create time where there wasn’t any etc etc etc. i felt compelled to make bleachers exist during a time when it wasn’t necessarily ideal to do so. that’s something that’s special about the work you love - you don’t always get to chose when you need to do it.

neither bleachers or fun. are side projects. to be honest, i truly dislike the term ‘side project’ and I’ve been hearing it a lot lately. its a simple way of categorizing something that maybe isn’t simple or maybe shouldn’t be categorized at all. i’ve never been able to categorize or fully wrap my head around my love for fun., and now i feel the same way about bleachers as well. i don’t have kids, but it feels similar to the way people react when you ask them what its like to have a second kid. bleacher + fun. == my children. i’m so cheesy i hate myself!

i’ll put it this way - i plan on making the work i feel compelled to make for as long as I’m alive. i don’t think you would want it any other way even if it’s occasionally non traditional. but i do think you all deserve to know where my head is at for as long you as you all are being so supportive of me and my bands.

can’t wait for the months to come. gonna make a new fun. album, tour with bleachers and release the full album —- AND just new things all around. talk soon!