air-to-the-thrown said: only a day and a few hours until the Some Nights release, how are you guys feeling right now?

its strange. surreal. similar to that feeling when you’re a kid and you see one of your teachers outside of school…. like in the grocery store. know what i mean? like, it makes sense but still feels completely bizarre. we knew the album would be released, but now that its happen there is an out of body feeling that comes with that. so the album is like the teacher in school (in school = unreleased = makes sense as is). you know your teacher exists outside of school (as in you know the album will be released), but then when it happens (or when you see it / the teacher / the album) ….. its bizarre. make sense? what im trying to say is that im really thrilled but with that comes that strange feeling of something actually happening that you’ve been thinking about and looking forward to for a year. similar to how i use to feel when it was actually the night before the purim carnival…… another PERFECT example. 

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