didn’t realize today would be as emotional as it is. I’ve been working on bleachers for a year and a half now. I didn’t mean for it to be this big secret, but I didn’t want anything to speak for it besides the music itself. we live in a real “big announcement next week!” type of culture, and this all meant too much to me to put anything out there besides actual music. to (sorta) quote david fricke, ‘everyone’s texting I’ll be there in 5 minutes…. just FUCKING be there in 5 minutes.’ that quote rang in my head every time I wanted to just tell everyone what I was doing. that’s my reasoning/apology for being so secretive and making an album without letting you guys know.

but now you know, and it means the world to me. everything I do, whether it’s fun., bleachers or something else, the work only comes to life because you all inspire me to make it real. I could so easily sit in the studio (or rather in bed) and just work on things forever and never get to the point. moments like today, releasing new music and being able to connect you about it are why it all matters.

I made this album in bizarre and unideal circumstances - on a world tour. in the past I was never able to write on the road. I’m not sure why but this time around I felt compelled to. moments I should have been sleeping were spent in the studio. ‘I wanna get better’ for example was recording in sweden, malaysia, new zealand and nyc.

I’m rambling because I’m excited and I’m tying on my phone. point is, thank YOU. I feel very supported and scared which means things are worth while.

entire album is coming in the spring, new music before that and live dates all over the world (some already announced).

ok. talk soon.

xxx bleachers xxx

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